Nicolas Corti ist viola soloist, chamber musician, orchestral musician and professor of viola (major and minor) at "Zurich University of the Arts".


Nicolas Corti (*1956) studied viola with his fatherOttavio Corti at the Zurich Conservatory, after having completed his maturity in a grammar school. There he did his teaching, orchestral and solo diplomas. He then went to New York for intensive studies with Emanuel Vardi (the former soloviolist under Arthuro Toscannini with the famous NBC orchestra) for one year.
Since 1976 he has worked freelance in the Zurich Tonhalle and Opera Orchestras. 
He was also 15 yearsmember of the well known Collegium Musicum Zürich under Paul Sacher until this orchestra ended in 1992. 
He gives solo performances and also plays in various chamber music formations as the Trio Musaïque with flute,viola and harpe, the Zürich Chamber Trio, duo with piano and many other changing formations.
In 1982, Corti was co-founder of the Amati Quartet that has become internationally known, thanks to its many concert appearances in most famous concerthouses in the world and recordings with several compactdisc prices in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. 
With the Amati Quartet Corti had numerous concerts with great musicians as: Krystian Zimerman, Bruno Canino, Karl Engel, Rudolf Buchbinder, David Geringas, Antonio Meneses, Anner Bjilsma, Steven Isserlis, Eduard Brunner, Paul Meyer, Karl Leister, Bruno Giuranna, Gérard Caussé, James Galway, Jaques Zoon and others. 
The Amati Quartet finished playing 2009. About 30 compact disques show the very high quality of this ensemble.
Since 1996, Corti teaches viola and chamber music at the Zurich University of Arts.

He is now in the 5th season Violasoloist (50%) in the Winterthur Orchestra, the Musikkollegium Winterthur.
In 2008 he joined the Jury of the international Tromp Stringquartet Competition in Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Corti play sometimes with folksmusic specialists as Töbi Tobler (Hackbrett), Claudia Muff (Akkordeon), Wolfgang Sieber (Organ) and Nadja Räss (Jodeling). The repertoire includes music from folksmelodies to classical style.

With Franziskus Abgottspon (text-recitation) and Töbi Tobler he play an entertaining program.

Here you find a choice of his solo repertoire for viola:

J.S.Bach                                                     Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr.6
J.Chr. Bach                                                C-Moll
Bela Bartok                                               Violakonzert
G. Benda                                                    F-Dur
M. Bruch                                                    Romanze
                                                                   Kol Nidrei
                                                                   Doppelkonzert für Klarinette und Vla
H. Berlioz                                                   Harold in
D. v. Dittersdorf                                         Concertante für Viola, Kontrabass und Orchester
David Gyula                                               Es-Dur
Dvorak                                                        Rondo
J. Haydn                                                     D-Dur op. 101 (orig. Vc)
M. Haydn                                                    C-Dur für Viola, Orgelund Orch.
P. Hindemith                                              Trauermusik
P. Hindemith                                               Schwanendreher
F.A. Hoffmeister.                                        Violakonzert D-Dur
G. Holst                                                       Lyric Movement
J. N. Hummel                                              Fantaisie

A. H. Lilienthal Konzert Nr.2 für Bratsche und Orchester (N. Corti dedicated)
F. Martin                                                      Ballade
B. Martinu                                                    Rhapsody Concerto
Mozart W.A.                                                Cocertante Symphonie, Violine und Viola
P. Müller                                                      op. 24 f-moll
N. Paganini                                                  Sonata per la gran Viola und Orch
B. Pigovat                                                    Requiem „The Holocaust“
J. Reicha                                                      Violakonzert Es-Dur
A.Rolla                                                         Concertino in Es-Dur
M. Rosza                                                      Violakonzert
L. Smit                                                          Violakonzert (1940)
K. Stamitz                                                    Violakonzert D-Dur
G. P. Telemann                                           Violakonzert G-Dur
Vanhall                                                        Concerto
A. Vivaldi                                                     e-moll Konzert
                                                                     Viola d'amore Konzert für Viola G-Dur  
W. Walton                                                   Konzert
A. Wranitzky                                                Konzert C-Dur für 2 Violen und Orchester
C.M. von Weber                                          Andante und Rondo ungarese
V. Williams                                                   Suite
K. Zelter                                                        Es-Dur

und andere...