Shortly after its formation in 1981, the AMATI QUARTET became the recipient of various prestigious awards, among them the "Premier Grand Prix" of the International Competition in Evian (1982), and the first prize of the Karl Klinger Competition in Munich (1986).

In addition to the classical and romantic repertoire, the artists are also dedicated to performing music of the 2Oth century. They give special attention to the rarely heard pieces, which they combine in exciting contrast with the standard works of the quartet literature. Their interest in contemporary music has often resulted in world-premiere performances - as e.g. of works by Rudolf Kelterborn, Wladimir Vogel, Bettina Skrzypczak, Terry Riley, Isang Yun and others.

Additional artistic challenge and inspiration come through the collaboration with other performers - piano, winds, strings, voice - and so the Amati Quartets chamber music partners include such well-known artists as Krystian Zimerman, Bruno Canino, Radovan Vlatkovic, Eduard Brunner and Paul Meyer as well as Heinrich Schiff, Antonio Meneses, David Geringas and Gérard Caussé.

In the last few years, the Amati Quartet performed in the most prestigeous halls in Europe and America, among them the Musikverein Wien, the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Wigmore Hall London, the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, the Palau de la Musica in Barcelona, the Philharmonie Cologne, the Konzerthaus Berlin. Their Carnegie Hall debut at Weill Recital Hall in March 2001 was an enormous success.

In addition to their extended concert activities, records, radio and television recordings document the artistic qualities of the Amati Quartet. Two of their CD recordings - Shostakovich Quartets 3 & 7 as well as Szymanovski op. 56 and Ravel - won the Prize of the German Record Reviewers. Their latest release of Haydns string quartets op. 50 was awarded the French "Choc du monde de la musique".


"One of the most thrilling concerts I have ever attended! - „Yehudi Menuhin after a concertin Gstaad
"They played well-rounded tone, subtle dynamics and close coordination, and when they got to the slow movement (Beethoven op. 59, 2) they made it a unified serenely beautiful statement“ - The Washington Post
"Exhilaratingly polished performances“ - LA Times
"It is doubtless a first class string quartet“ - Berliner Morgenpost
"The Amati Quartet presented itself in the best of form“ - Frankfurter Allgemeine
"The Amati Quartet was more then equal to the challenges and demonstrated a through intellectual grasp of the works (Bartók No. 5) complex archlike structures.  With their most impressive playing of the evening the musicians performed with the polish and expressive depth at least equal to the worlds most highly regarded quartets.“ - Atlanta Constitution

Compact Disc: Alle CD's vom Amati Quartett und Partnern:

BARTOK                                                 Streichquartette Nr.3, 4 & 6
CARTER/COPLAND /PISTON             Carter « Elegy » für Streichquartett;
                                                                Copland Sextett für Klarinette, Streichquartett &  Klavier mit Brunner,Oetiker
                                                                Piston Streichquartett
JEAN FRANCAIS                             Streichquartett, Klarinettenquintett und Trio mit Klarinette,
EDIPHON 001                                        Viola und Klaviermit Brunner und Oetiker
FRANCK/FAURÉ                                   Klavierquintett mit W. Bärtschi
                                                                Fauré Streichquartett op. 121
HAYDN                                                   Streichquartette op. 50 Nr.1 -3 (Prix   Chocu.a.)
HAYDN                                                   Streichquartette op. 50 Nr.4 -6 (Schallplattenpreis « Choc du Monde de la Musique) 
HAYDN /H.HALLER / W.VOGEL         Streichquartetteop. 77,1&2
                                                                Haller StreichquartettNr.3, 1992
                                                                Vogel Klangexpressionen
HINDEMITH / MOZART                        Klarinettenquintette mit Eduard Brunner
KELTERBORN/HAYDN                         Haydn, 3Trios für Klarinette,Violineund Cello
KELTEBORN                                           Streichquartett Nr.5
KROMMER                                              Klarinettenquartetteop. 21 ,1&2 ;  op. 82; op. 83 mit Eduard Brunner
KROMMER                                              Klarinettenquintettop. 95, 
                                                                 Klarinettenquartett op. 69,  13 Stücke op. 47 mit E.Brunner  
F.MARTIN /SZYMANOVSKY /              Martin Streichquartett Nr.1
KELTERBORN / VOGEL                        Szymanovski Streichqu.  Nr.2
                                                                 Haller 2.Streichquartett, 1971
                                                                 Vogel Colori e Movimenti ,1983
                                                                 Kelterborn 4. Streichquartett
MOZART/REICHA                                  Klarinettenquintette mit Wolfhard Pencz
MOZART / HAYDN                                Streichquartett KV 170 und KV 465 (Dissonanzen) 
                                                                 Streichquartett op.54,1 Hob.lll: 58                                     
MOZART                                                 Adagio und Rondo, Wiener Glasharmonika Duo
REICHA/MAURER/SPOHR                   Oboenquintette mit mit Kurt Meier, 
O. SCHOECK                                           Notturno für Q. und Gesang op.47 mit Kurt Widmer
SCHOSTAKOWITSCH                            Streichquartette Nr. 3&7 (Deutscher Schallplattenkritikpreis)
SCHOSTAKOWITSCH                            Klavierquintett op.57 mit Bruno Canino
                                                                 Streichquartett nr.12 op.133     
SCHUBERT                                             Streichquintett C-Durlive Kuhmo Festival
                                                                 Eric Gustavsson, Violoncello
SCHUBERT/JANACEK                          Streichquartett d-moll« Der Tod und das Mädchen
                                                                 Janacek,Streichquartett Nr.2 « Intime  Briefe» live Heilbronn
SCHUMANN                                           Klavierquintett op. 44mit Uriel Tsachor & Klaviersolofassung
SPOHR                                                    Streichquartetteop.15,2&  op.29,1
SZYMANOVSKI/RAVEL                        Streichquartette                
JACQUES WILDBERGER                      Commiato, Streichquartett (1997)
ISANG YUN                                            Streichquartett Nr.6 /Klarinettenquintette 1 & 2 mit E. Brunner